Monday, February 9, 2009

Team A: Lattice Construction

So my team met to figure out our system, work out the details, and make a game plan for Wednesday. I went home to explode our radial ribs and convert them into 2d drawings for laser cut.

The random planes in the image represent the surfaces that I tried to project and orient each rib on. Project skewed the form, and the orient option ultimately disoriented me--never laying flat on the surface created. I continued problem solving, trying various options to get each rib to the degree of 2d precision that I was looking for.

Ultimately, I realized that I could orient the C-Plane to the object rather than orienting the object to the C-plane--and this is the route that I took. However, since each rib would require a different plane, I had to save each rib as its own file and orient the C-plane to each individual rib. I identified the ribs by arbitrary colors to communicate the construction clearly.

I continued to convert the object (rib) into 2d via Rhino command, and then exported each 2d drawing. I scaled the drawing to 1/2"=1'-0", and created a file of the all 6 ribs for laser print.

Ultimately, in order to create six 2d ribs, I had to create six 2d files. It was pretty labor intensive, and makes me wonder if there is a more direct process to complete the same task.

Ultimately, mission accomplished.


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Brilliant posting!!!!

February 9, 2009 at 2:51 PM  

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