Friday, February 13, 2009

Waterjet Research

Hey guys,
So I did my research, and here is the dealio:
-We can’t laser aluminum, it is too reflective.
-In steel, laser and waterjet are equal in speed.
-Powdercoat (paint) wont stick to a lasercut, but I don’t think that this applies.

I called around, and no one was able to give me a solid estimate without seeing the file. Obviously, the more cuts and the less intricacy, the cheaper. The company that I think that we should work with is the following:

South West Waterjet
11101 Randall Street
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Phone: (818) 573-6463
-Max panel size: 78’x14’
-Can ship design via pdf
-Can make a rough or refined cut, refined takes more time.
-Tolerance: 0.001
-Can email design via pdf, and he will give us a $ for $ estimate
-Open Monday and will send me an estimate over the weekend if I want it.
-Charge between $125-175, sounding like $125, has gone down to $90 (I think I can work that out)
-And I worked my charm, he will give us an educational discount. Actually, he was willing to be very flexible to get the job. Who isn’t in this economy?

The other companies I called were more expensive and less flexible.
(800) 660 0529
-Max panel size:50’ x 100’
-$150/hr—Not a solid estimate, must see design
-Tolerance: +/- .010”

Charisma Design Studio
818 252 6611
-$0.25 cents an inch,
-Not willing to give much info without the file
Max panel size: 12x 6

So, as soon as we get a file, I can carry on with the communication and get this party started.


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